Monday, May 25, 2009


Wombat has been going through a picky-eating stage lately, so I have been trying to make his meals a little more interesting. It all started when I arranged his noodles, cheese and tomato to make a flower...
He said it was so pretty, he couldn't eat it. So I offered to take it's photo - then he could eat his lunch and keep it too :P He agreed that was a fine idea. Since then, almost every breakfast and lunch has to be photographed before it can be eaten - and he wants me to print the pics for him! (Yeti suggested making them into a menu so he can 'order' what he wants - I think that's a good idea & am going to try it.)

Even the Marmite toast has to be arranged into a star, and if I am slow getting the camera, Wombat will keep rearranging it after each bite to make sure I get that all-important photo!

This was probably the most creative we have gotten so far - a lunchtime 'Olwin' - his favourite train from Chuggingtons.

Can you guess that cheese and tomato are among his favourite foods at present?

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Steff said...

thank god the girls arent too picky - i despare somethimes and then i hear other peoples toddler eating woes and feel bad for complaining