Tuesday, May 19, 2009


At our neighbour's house yesterday, Wombat and his friends were picking lilly-pillies off their hedge. I remembered planting a lilly-pilly at home, so we decided to see if it had berries - and it did!

This is the lilly-pilly flower:

The berries:
You don't eat the seed - it is slightly bitter. The flesh has a sweet, tart taste and a flavour that is almost impossible to describe. My friend and I were discussing it and decided the nearest we could come was "Australian - and sort of eucalyptus-y"! They are really nice, but they don't last off the tree - the ones we brought inside went wrinkled the next day. Maybe next year I will plan a lilly-pilly picnic :D


Steff said...

we have lilly pilis i never knew people actually ate them - must check if we still have berries...wander wander wander...pick pick pick ours are not sweet >:* tart like a lime but crunchy

Schelle said...

Yes, I would say definitely more tart than sweet, but certainly not sour, and with a crisp or crunchy texture - like an apple (even crunchier and bitter if you eat the seed lol).