Monday, May 25, 2009


Had a lovely picnic today with my sister and her in-laws (for her father-in-law's 60th birthday). It was great to see her and my nieces, and we also got to catch up with both of my parents (who hardly ever get a chance to see my boys). I was so busy chasing Wombat or carrying Munchkin in the sling, my camera spent most of the time in my bag - I only took two photos! Luckily lots of other people were snapping away so I should get some great pics of my family from the day.

This is one of the two I took - my mum holding Munchkin. I just wish I'd gotten one of my dad, crawling around on the grass with him! As for Wombat, I think he only sat still enough to be photographed once - Dad had his camera and I was sitting with Munchkin & my nieces, so we got a rare chance to photograph all the cousins together. One of my sister's in-laws was with the girls (Steff was busy being hostess) - I really should have grabbed her because I don't think we have any pics of the two of us with all our kids together... I'm kicking myself for missing that opportunity too :P

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Steff said...

Thats a lovely photo of your littel boy and mum - you did better ythan me i never got my camera out the whole time - it was in the car