Friday, January 30, 2009


One of my best photos ever! Wombat and I came out on the deck to do some painting. We had spent much of yesterday down at the small dam watching (and trying to photograph) dragonflies. Wombat spotted this little beauty on the monstera and I just happened to have my camera in hand, ready to go. I only got to snap one shot before he flew to a further leaf!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


As Wombat and I returned from filling up a watering can at the small dam, we noticed this little fellow - a Jacky Lizard - peeking through our new garden fence. Wombat was most disappointed that he skittered away and wouldn't stay to be petted.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yeti's birthday cake - made by Wombat & yours truly. OK so it may not look all that great, but it tasted fantastic (if I do say so myself lol).


[27 January 2009]

Munchkin is 6 months old today - where did the time go? Won't be long before he is chasing his brother around and talking non-stop as well :D

He's already started! Here's the video to prove it. (That's Wombat's foot at the end, and you can hear him saying "Roly poly pumpkin numpkin." I'll let you guess what he was doing lol!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


[Monday 16 January 2009] - Australia Day

Wombat and I went on a gum-blossom hunt in honour of Australia Day - there are a number of eucalypts that started flowering this week. When you get close to the tree, it smells like the sweetest honey and you can hear a mighty buzzing from the thousands of bees gathering the bounty - guess they think it smells perfect too. Of course, the blossoms are all more than five metres up in the air, so you've got to be pretty far away to get a photo. This was taken from the other side of the big dam.

Monday, January 26, 2009


[25 January 2009]

Wombat and the bean pole. Note the new garden fence! (Bean seeds been replanted...)


[24 January 2009]

Remember that lovely bean seedling? Chomp! A has-been.


[23 January 2009]

Self-portrait with kids.


[22 January 2009]

Sleepy baby in a sling.


[21 January 2009]

Have tooth, will travel.


[20 January 2009]

Blue Lake Runner Bean seedling in veggie garden.


[19 January 2009]

Wombat 'helping' with the washing.


[18 January 2009]

Amazing spider in front yard.


[17 January 2009]

Flower wasp in front yard.


[16 January 2009]

Praying Mantis in flower garden.


[15 January 2009]

More bubbles.


[14 January 2009]

Munchkin discovers his brother's Cars.


[13 January 2009]

Caught in a bubble.


[12 January 2009]

My secret garden.


[11 January 2009]

Mitch keeping a wary eye on Wombat.


[10 January 2009]

Young Cheepy, Wombat's new rooster.


[9 January 2009]

Munchkin on the swing.


[8 January 2009]

Best foot forward :)


[7 January 2009]

Woolly Frogmouth (Philydrum lanuginosum) in small dam.


[6 January 2009]

Munchkin reading.


[5 January 2009]

Bugs on a beetle.


[4 January 2009]

Conversation with a kookaburra.


[3 January 2009]

Wombat dreaming.


[2 January 2009]

A 'real' wombat footprint in the mud near the small dam. It was bigger than the palm of my hand.


[1 January 2009]

Wombat with a handful of worms. I love the opalescent purple sheen that the camera captured (click on photo to see what I mean).