Monday, February 2, 2009


When counting my blessings, there is one very obvious place to start - the source of endless amusement, challenges and a constant spur to my creativity. It's Wombat, of course! Here he is, platypus hunting (or should that be hunting platypi?)

This photo is just so appropriate because he is turning into the sort of little boy who is almost always in motion - in those rare moments when the feet aren't going, the mind is churning like a windmill. It is such a precious journey watching him develop. Thank you God, for blessing me with my Wombat.

(Of course, platypuses are very shy creatures, and should there be one - by some miracle - residing in our dam, it would vanish instantly at the mere thought of this romping stomper!)


Steff said...

"Poetry in motion
Walkin' by my side
His lovely locomotion
Keeps my eyes open wide"

Cloudscome said...

Great shot of him in motion! A blessing indeed.