Monday, March 23, 2009


Wombat's 3rd birthday.

My family will probably disown me for the lack of effort which went into the cake lol - a marble cake from Woollies - I offered to make Finley the Fire Engine, but this was what Wombat chose!!! I did make chocolate cherry nut cupcakes, but they were a bit of a failure, too. Even the Bob the Builder candle was a rerun as we saved it from last year.

Look at that smile! He certainly doesn't care :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling!

PS - I did end up making Finley - out of cardboard boxes... and out of lego... and out of playdough... just not out of cake lol

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Steff said...

you cant argue with 3 year olds - well you can constantly but it will get you nowhere