Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Wombat loved the Wall-E movie so much, he insisted on planting his own "boot"!

Yeti donated the old boots, and I dug up a violet for one boot and an aloe leaf for the other. Then Wombat helped me plant them (and insisted one of the laces be used to tie them together!)

(Steff, I never got the chance to reply, but I think Wall-E should be just fine for Princess. Wombat is the most sensitive TV watcher I can imagine - he even runs out of the room if one of the Bob the Builder machines makes a mistake, in case it gets in trouble lol... there were a few things we needed to explain, but after watching once or twice with parent-narration, he is fine with it. Interestingly, the only movie he has been really good with from start to finish is Surf's Up - the one with the surfing penguins lol).

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Steff said...

hmm must try surfs up - i think the only movies k likes are the barbie ones and the wiggles movie